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About the Climate Future Forum

The mission of the Climate Future Forum is to inspire youth to be active and engaged participants in the legislative process on climate policy.   On December 3rd, 2022, the first Forum event - Activate to Legislate - was held at the Hawaii State Capitol in which about 80 youth met with a handful of legislators and non-profits  to set their climate policy agenda for 2023!


The event brought together youth (ages 14-26), educators, policymakers, and nonprofits to evaluate and discuss climate action priorities and provide tangible steps to empower youth and give them agency in policy.   The youth began to develop relationships with policymakers with whom they can continue to work together throughout the 2023 legislative session at the county, state, and national levels.

The following was the event agenda and objectives


Opening Protocol

Youth Climate Stories and Policymaker Keynotes

En-ROADS Climate Interactive Activity

Youth and Non-Profit Networking

Policy Working Groups & Presentations

Legislative Process and Success Stories



  • Youth will better understand the various significant drivers of climate change and the impacts of specific climate policies to address them.

  • Through interacting with non-profits and lawmakers, youth realize that their voice is important to setting climate policy priorities. 

  • Youth learn the knowledge and skills needed to actively participate in our democracy.

  • Youth will be empowered to continue their engagement in our democracy, on any and all subjects they care about in the future.


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